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.Canada's sole Chinese-only online rental outlet, complicated pricing structure, and website all in Chinese--now out of business

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Owco DVD Rental Review

Visit Owco DVD Rental went out business in early 2008, but we will keep this review as is for posterity. is Canada's first Chinese language DVD rental company, based in Vancouver. It is the ideal option for those wishing to watch Chinese films, given limited availability at local video stores as well as online.

We can't really do an in-depth review though, as the Owco site is almost entirely in Chinese, but it looks fully functional. We can see they have a phone number, email address, and web form for contact and customer service issues.

Prices: Owco offers a 14-day free trial. Their subscription plans are a complicated version of points which you purchase, which can then be used for various tariffs, ranging from pay-as-you go for one disc at a time, to a 4 disc out, unlimited subscription. In our opinion, these tariffs are a bit complicated, and simple pricing for the various options, rather than the intermediary step of buying points, would have been simpler to understand.

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Key Facts

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Price: Operates through complicated points system

Free Trial: 14 days
Location: Vancouver

Titles: 600+
Game Rentals:
Phone Contact:

1-888-692-6123 Kingsway R.P.O.
PO Box 79066
Vancouver, BC
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