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.This newcomer hads potential, but a simple site design, limited inventory, and no customer service phone line.

Visit DVD Rental Site DVD Rental Review

Visit DVD Rental Site is a new, small online DVD rental company launched in December 2009, based in Quebec.'s inventory size is unstated, but we believe it's on the small side as you'd expect from a new company. That said, you can request they obtain a DVD not in the inventory, and they note they'll email you if and when they get it.

We like their novel genre browsing structure, which has 24 categories including unusual standouts like Based on a Novel, Based on a True Story, Quebec, and Canadian among others. Actual data on each title is sparse when you click on it though, with just the box art, a short synopsis, and Starring and Director fields--and in some films we checked these weren't even filled in. You can click on a movie details tab and some additional info appears, like studio, runtime, language, etc., but this really should be up front on one central info page in our opinion for ease of use and reference.

They also have a very small selection of video games available (120+ titles) for the three current consoles: 35+ games for the Wii, 60+ for the Xbox 360, and 25+ for the PS3. This may be useful for the very occasional gamer, but it is doesn't look good when you compare it to a specialist like Game Access with over 3,000 titles.

Like market leader Zip, Kaku has a a Refill feature, which lets you speed up turnaround--on the day you post a disc back, you can go into your account and click the Return box, and they'll dispatch your next title without waiting to receive your last. If you're looking to maximize your turnaround, Refill can be a very useful feature.

Another useful function is the Vacation mode, so that if you're away for some time you can freeze your account, but you have to return your current discs first.


Prices: Despite the simplicity of the site and small initial inventory, the low prices are a definite draw. Their 1-disc unlimited plan is only $9.95, 2-disc plan is $17.95, 3-disc plan is $23.95, 4 discs at $27.95, and 5 discs for $33.95. They offer a two-week trial on all their plans.

Should you chose to cancel during your free trial period, you will not be charged, as long as you cancel during your trial period, and you return all DVDs and/or video games within 7 days of cancellation.

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Visit DVD Rental Site


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1 disc: $9.99
2 discs:
3 discs:
4 discs:
5 discs:

Free Trial: 14 days
Location: Quebec

Titles: Unknown
Game Rentals:
limited selection (Wii: 35+, Xbox 360: 60+, PS3: 25+)
Phone Contact:

P.O. Box 32476 Vaudreuil-Dorion QC J7V 9V2


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