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We compare both Canadian online video game rental sites, so you can pick the best. Game Access is the clear leader with top site design and customer service,as other rivals like Get Game, Canflix, and Kaku have all gone out of business.

  Table Definitions

. Value Rating: (Value Rating) Includes prices at all game rental levels and our assessment of what you actually get for your money.

. Design Rating: (Design Rating) Includes how well the website interface is designed and easy to use; there are some really aggravating online game rental sites out there.

. Service Rating: (Service Rating) This measure of customer service--which includes game turnaround times--is the least "scientific" rating, relying mainly on reports we've gathered from the net.

. Titles: The estimated total number of available game rental titles, by console.

. Phone Support: Only some game rental companies offer a real customer service phone number.

. Depot Locations: This is important to weigh, as a company with a distribution center far from where you live can take several days longer for DVDs to reach you, depending on Canada Post's efficiency.

. Free Trial: These are usually a standard two weeks.

. Prices: In Canadian dollars per month (tax not included) for standard, unlimited 1 to 3 disc at-a-time game rental subscriptions.

All Canadian Games Rental by Post Sites
Value, Design, and Service Depot Monthy Price (by games out)
Online Game Rental Sites Ratings Games Phone? Free Trial? Locations 1 game 3 games Subscribe/Review

Game Access Review & Link

Value Rating Design Rating
Service Rating
Wii: 378
360: 450
PS3: 330
PS2: 673
Xbox: 360
GC: 166
DS: 322
PSP: 275
yes 15 days (special offer if you enter code CDRG15) Montreal, Vancouver 16.95 32.95 Visit Game Access Game Rental Site

Read Game Access Game Rental Review
Online DVD Rental Sites Ratings Games Phone? Free Trial? Locations 2 discs 3 discs Subscribe/Review


Online game rental prices and terms change frequently; check company website for the latest. is not responsible for any losses resulting from the information provided (see Disclaimer). If you do spot a factual discrepancy, please email us and we'll update the site.






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