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.Easily Canada's top games rental site: unbeaten 2,600+ title range, well-designed site, even two distribution depots and currently offering a 15-day special free trial (if you enter code CDR15)

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Game Access DVD Rental Review

Visit Game Access DVD Rental Site Game Access is the leader in Canadian games rental services, with the best designed site, excellent customer service, and large inventories for all eight major games platforms (330 titles for the PS3, 450 for the Xbox 360, 378 for the Wii, 673 titles for PS2, 360 for Xbox, 166 for Gamecube, 275 for PSP, 322 for DS. Based in Montreal, they have also opened a distribution center in Vancouver, the only purely game rental service to also serve the West directly.

The site functionality is impressive; not just displaying the standard title and synopsis, also publisher, platform, genre (9 to choose from), release date (very useful to see if something's old off the bat), number of players, and ESRB rating. Entries also have screenshots, some third-party reviews, and also customer reviews and 1-5 star ratings. These factors to aid choice are most welcome, as they are more important with game rental than DVD rental--you'll probably be playing a game for a week or more vice watching a DVD in one sitting.

The site also allows parental controls, so parents can sign their children up and allow them to manage the account, while keeping limits on ESRB rating levels so they play games intended for their age. On many games, you'll also have an option to purchase the rental copy at a lower price. Their queue page also displays availability of given games with a "Stock Level" bar, an interesting feature. We have heard complaints about delays in delivery to Western Canada, but with the 2007 addition of their Vancouver warehouse this should improve. In October 2008, Game Access alo began selling games as well as renting, so you have all choices available.

Other improvements include a Facebook application as well as a Twitter feed which gives you the latest updates as well as Deals of the Day.

Games Access was founded by two enthusiastic gamers, Karl and Frank, "tired of being at the mercy of video stores and high game prices." But it has certainly grown since then, now serving all Canada, with representatives and customer service numbers in six cities (Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary); this is a major plus if you have problems, the only Canadian game rental service with a customer service phone number. They also have email and instant messaging support to aid their customer service. We've also heard good things about their staff's helpful attitude to customer service.


Prices: Game Access normally allows you a 10-day free trial, but in March 2009 they launched a limited time 15-day free trial if you enter the coupon code CDRG15 when signing up. Their packages start at $17.95 for an unlimited one game out, rising to $24.95 for two games, and $32.95 for for three games, and $39.95 for four games (though you cannot start with the latter two packages--you can only upgrade to them after signup). Their best deal, unmatched by the other two game rental companies, is a full 20% off these prices if you pay for three months up front.

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I've been impressed with Game Access's service as it's much cheaper than buying the individual games and lets you have plenty of variety without breaking the bank. The new Twitter updates are cool as well, a sign of an up to date and growing company I think. They're not perfect as new releases can be hard to get on launch day, but as long as you understand that than Game Access is a great deal.

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Key Facts

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1 game: $17.95
2 games:
3 games:
4 games:

Free Trial: 15 days (usually 10 days, but current special offer is extended to 15 if you enter the coupon code CDRG15)

Game Rentals: yes, 3,000+ titles
Phone Contact:

Montreal: 514-879-0907
Quebec: 418-686-8696
Toronto: 416-934-8509
Ottawa: 613-520-8238
Vancouver: 604-678-0087
Calgary: 403-695-0252
ICQ#: 252355760
Game Access
P.O. Box 63094
Stn Īle-Des-Soeurs
Verdun QC H3E 1V6


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