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.Small Western rental company with reported service issues; site is down and appears to have gone under
DVDs to Your Door DVD Rental Review

Visit DVDs to Your Door DVD Rental SiteDVDstoYourDoor has gone out of business, but we'll leave this review as is for posterity.

DVDstoYourDoor was founded in early 2004 by Kate Harris--a working mom with three small kids--who decided there was a niche for a rental service based in British Columbia, given the mail delays for Eastern-based services. We applaud the move, and are sure there are people out there who will want to patronize such small business entrepreneurship instead of the industry giants.

That said, the website design is a bit basic, but functional, and the range is estimated at only 3,500 titles--what you might expect in a large video store. There were reports DVDsToYourDoor purchased few new releases in 2006, always a bad sign for a rental company, and one that often occurs before they go out of business.

Unfortunately, the site doesn't appear to work with the Firefox browser either.

There have been reported problems with slow discs as well as cancellation--being charged instead, leading to a frustrating struggle to regain your money. Likewise, customer service from this very small company can take awhile to get back to you, and their previous toll free phone number was reportedly shut down in early 2006.

Prices: DVDsToYourDoor offers a two-week free trial, and charges only $19.99 for a three-disc unlimited service.

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Key Facts

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3 discs: $19.99

Free Trial: 14 days

Location: British Columbia

Titles: 2,500
Game Rentals: no
Phone Contact: no

DVDs to Your Door
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