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.A solid, new Western company, but drawbacks include a simple site design, lack of track record, and Canada's worst free trial of 2-3 discs.

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Visit DVD Link DVD Rental SiteDVD Link is a new, small online DVD rental company launched in early 2009, so this is really a preliminary review and we'll need to gauge feedback on the service. It is based from Vancouver, British Columbia, and appears to be a solid option for renters in the West.

DVD Link stocks a respectable 16,000+ DVDs--a far cry from market leader Zip, but you should find most mainstream fare is available, and if not you can always request they stock a particular film.

They have an extensive genre listing structure we haven't seen before, broken down into separate genres for movies and TV series. DVD Link also list a fair amount of detail about each film, including hyperlinked stars, directors, and genres, as well as release date, run time, certificate, languages, aspect ratio, sound format, subtitles, and studio.

Some customer comments claim you need to be prepared to wait a long time if you put a Blu-Ray disc in your queue though. Impressively, they do operate a customer service phone line, from Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST (except national holidays).

If you are going on vacation or away on business you can freeze your account up to twice a year, for no more than 60 days in total--you must have returned all your DVDs for this to take effect.


Prices: Despite the simplicity of the site and small initial inventory, the low prices are a definite draw. Their 1-disc unlimited plan is only $9.99, 2-disc plan is $17.95, 3-disc plan is only $19.99, 4 discs at $24.99, 5 discs for $29.99, and 7 discs for $39.99.

DVD Link advertise a two-week trial on all their plans, however, if you reach 2-3 rentals during this period, the free trial ends on that day (this is buried in the FAQ and not the sign up page, and is an odd policy we haven't seen with other Canadian rental companies).


Visit DVD Link DVD Rental Site

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Visit DVD Link DVD Rental Site


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Free Trial: 2-3 discs within 14 days
Location: Quebec

Titles: 16,000+
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