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. January 2012: We're in the process of a major update, and there has been blood in the streets in the Canadian DVD rental industry, with four of the ten companies going out of business in 2011. We say goodbye to Canflix (they will be missed as the top alternative to Zip), DVD Hype (small but OK outfit in Montreal), Videomatica (small Vancouver shop), and Starflix (always at the bottom of our tables, won't be missed). We'll continue to review and track the remaining five, but we're dissapointed at the lack of choice for consumer, and hope the industry doesn't contract too much more.

. December 2010: Not much to report over the last few months, but the big news is Zip has increased its free trial from two weeks to one month. This is a rare opportunity, and a great time to try the service.

. March 2010: We've finally done our big annual scrub of the site, complete with fact checking the rental companies to update the latest prices and inventories. DVDZap, the only French-only DVD rental firm in Canada, has gone under and is having a liquidation sale--while Zip has a large French language collection and is a good alternative, DVD Zap will be missed. Likewise, thanks to Paul for pointing out that small Relay Rentals also went out of business. We've also added a review on the new rental site which just became active on December--it's too early to tell how they'll do in this industry littered with failed companies, so we've rated them conservatively for now. This brings the total Canadian DVD rental rental sites to their lowest level in years, only ten companies left. We hope the situation has stabilised, so customers retain several choices.

. February 2010: Alas, is no more, and this leaves only one pure video game rental company still operating, Game Access (now up to 3,000 game titles). Canflix stile stocks some 1,000 titles, but their inventory is mostly older titles, so not the choice for the avid gamer.

. January 2010: Thanks to Paul for pointing out that Premieres is no longer in the rental business--even though they still sell DVDs and haven't gone bust, we've removed them from the rental tables.

. December 2009: No big news to pass on--be sure to fill your rental queues with a stock of good films to watch over Christmas!

. November 2009: Cyberflix has gone out of business--after the many poor customer service issues reported, they probably won't be missed.

. October 2009: We've added a belated review of, a new online rental company--we've been conservative in the rankings as we want to see how they turn out before recommending them over established companies.

. September 2009: Not much to report this month, though we have updated the chart and reviews for Canflix, as we understand that after the devastating fire at their Brampton, Ontario warehouse, it appears they are not going to reestablish that service in the forseeable future.

. August 2009: Nothing new to report, in this, the doldrums of the Canadian DVD rental season. Things (like traffic to our site which halves in the deep summer) will "heat up" in the coming cooler months though, so stay tuned for more DVD and video game rental news...

. July 2009: We've heard some negative feedback on GetGames game rental service's customer service, so dropped their rating from 4 to 3 stars.

. June 2009: Nothing new to add this month in the wide world of Canadian and video game rental.

. May 2009: Again, not much new to add this month, though gamers can still take advantage of the special offer from Game Access for an extra long 15-day free trial, just enter the code CDRG15.

. April 2009: After the major review and site design revamps of last month, we have little new to report in the world of Canadian DVD rental for April.

. March 2009: We've just completed a redesign of our website, widening every page from 800 to 1,000 pixels. Our tracking shows that only 3% of visitors have a monitor with under 1,000 pixels, so we felt it was a good time to upgrade. This allows us to include extras like a sidebar beside our main table with definitions for the fields in the table. We can also use some larger fonts, larger screenshots of the various sites we review, etc. and hope the site is more functional and more modern looking as a result.

We also did a major site update, checking all the sites, updating DVD, Blu-ray, and game inventory numbers by console, and generally adding new info. We discovered that Peerflix had gone under, just as we'd predicted last year, bringing the total Canadian DVD rental sites from 14 to 13.

. February 2009: Again, not much to report this month, though our new blog is going well. We've backdated all our site updates listed below, and have added some stories of interest for Canadian DVD rental, and also what's going in in DVD rental in other countries--trends which may filter to us here, like Netflix's latest innovations, or those of Lovefilm in the UK.

. January 2009: Nothing new to report as yet in the new year, but we'll continue to watch the Canadian DVD rental market closely.

Happy renting in 2009!

.August 2008: We've done a major site update, visiting all the DVD rental sites and updating pricing, inventories, etc. The Chinese service, went out of business, bringing the total Canadian DVD sites from 15 to 14, while we noted Rent Game appears to be defunct as well, bringing game rental services down from four to three.

April 2008: No April Fools here--nothing new to report in the online DVD rental scene.

January 2008: We knocked down Cyberflix as they have simply not been expanding and we've had bad service experiences with their failure to even reply to emails--always a bad sign. Taken together, these two factors are ones we've often seen in DVD rental companies on their way out of business...

November 2007: This month we did a major review and revamp, verifying prices, taking new screenshots, etc. We also moved down the US trading site Peerflix for reported customer service issues, and moved Starflix down one slot to the bottom. FamilySafe movies went out of business, bringing the total Canadian DVD rental sites active to 15 by our count.

June 2007: This month we added two new services, Premieres and Owco, a Chinese-language niche rental site, which nicely complements Canada's other Asian-based rental site, the Indian-specialty Pyasa. We also updated some of the DVD inventory numbers, which have been growing since the site launch.

May 2007: Not many changes to report, though we did knock Peerflix down a peg and move Rogers Video Direct to the number 4 spot. Our opinion is still that if you like market leader Zip's system you should cut out the middleman and sign up direct with them, but we've been won over by some of the instore benefits which will appeal to some. Besides, keeping Cyberflix, with its 3,500 title inventory, above Roger's at 50,000+ just didn't seem right...

February 2007: After one month of operation, we have our first batch of changes, which we'll try to do monthly when warranted. Three companies appear to have gone out of business, or at least are not accepting new companies, DVDsToYourDoor, and DVD-Rental. We've archived their reviews, but have removed their listings from the main page, bringing the total number of Canadian DVD rental sites to 14. We also moved Rogers up five places--though we're not too keen on them as their program is run by Zip (and why introduce a middleman?) there are some advantages for subscribers near to a local Rogers shop. Thanks to David Oberst of for some excellent suggestions and revised title estimates.

We also added reviews for the three Canadian games rental companies, Game Access, GetGames, and Rent Game; although Canflix also does some game rentals in addition to films, they can't really compare with these three game-only outfits.

January 2007: We launched as a resource providing information and customer comments on the (currently 16) Canadian DVD rental sites (well, actually it's been online before then, but we've just started publicizing it now). We've been monitoring the Canadian market since late 2005 when we purchased this domain name, just hadn't gotten around to finishing the guide. But now that we have, we plan on making monthly updates as needed, and will note the changes in this What's New section. Please email us if you notice any discrepancies, and we'll fix them.

Happy Renting!

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