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.Cyberflix had cheap prices, but very limited range and questionable customer service and as of 2009 they had gone out of business

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Cyberflix DVD Rental Review

Visit Cyberflix DVD Rental SiteCyberflix has gone out of business as of 2009 (we're surprised they hung on so long)...still, we'll keep this old review of them as it was for posterity.

yberflix opened in October 2005 and remains one of the smaller players in the Canadian DVD rental market--it's worrying that their meager inventory of some 4,000+ titles has stayed so small, often a sign of a company heading for closure in our experience.

Their browsing system looks good, with an impressive 20 genres. Nonetheless, this is still a relatively small selection by online standards, best if you have mainstream tastes, as they're unlikely to stock obscure or even many classic titles. They don't accept customers east of Ontario.

Cyberflix's film information is very good, including hyperlinked listing for stars, director, genre, release year, format, etc. These are particularly useful to look for other work by the same director or actor. For some films they even add links to the movies' official websites for extra background, a nice and rare touch. The Coming Soon section is useful as well to reserve new releases before they come out.

From our limited experience, we judge Cyberflix's customer service as abysmal, their management not even having the common courtesy to reply to multiple emails. When there's not even a contact telephone number, this is not the sort of service you want, not if problems crop up, which they sometimes do with even the best of companies.


Prices: The one thing Cyberflix has going for it is it's cheap, but then the service and range probably reflect that--you will get what you pay for. Their 1 disc plan starts at $9.99, 2 discs for $15.99 and 3 discs for $18.99. They offer one limited plan, 2 discs out, 4 discs total in the month for $12.99. They offer a 14-day free trial. If you cancel, you have 7 days to return the films.

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Visit Cyberflix DVD Rental Site

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1 disc unlimited: $9.99
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Free Trial: 14 days
Location: Ontario

Titles: 4,000
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Cyberflix Entertainment
103-325 Max Becker Drive
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